Welcome to Caelcraft. Cael- because that’s me, and -craft because I mostly talk about Warcraft and Starcraft here. Just so it doesn’t feel left out I may occasionally cover Diablo as well, even though it doesn’t fit the naming scheme. I’m generous like that! I’m also on Twitter where there will be more frequent but concise updates, so follow @Caelcraft if you’re a Twitter person or just keep an eye on it over in the right sidebar of the blog. Oh, you want some background on this random dude on the internet who wants you to pay attention to his opinions and waffling? I suppose that’s only fair…

Who is Cael?
I’m a lifelong gamer from the UK who decided a couple of years ago that he could do that WoW-blogging stuff just like everyone else. You may notice from the recent post dates that hasn’t fully taken off yet but it’s not a goal I’ve given up on. I enjoy all the different aspects of WoW and SC2 so the content here should be quite varied but there’ll probably be a leaning towards my current main class in WoW, the laid-back and beer-basted Monk to which I relate far too much, and most of my Starcraft II experience is as a Zerg player in unranked custom, vs. AI and Arcade games.

I’ve always been a big altoholic though, and my favourite alt class changes multiple times per day. I started playing WoW back in 2005 mostly because it had Warcraft in the name, and I loved WC 1-3 as a kid. My gnome warlock was my main during vanilla, TBC and Cataclysm. I was a DK throughout Wrath and had a brief stint as a mage for the first tier of MoP raids because I wanted to reroll but we had too many new monks at the start of the expansion for me to be one of those. Not many of them stuck with the class though, so now I raid as a brewmaster monk though and not only is tanking proving much more interesting and challenging than my old DPS roles, I’m also loving the way the monk class works in all three roles. I’m currently planning on levelling my trusty warlock, a couple more tank classes and my dual-healer priest so who knows what range of content my future WoW posts will cover.

I’ve already mentioned I’m mainly a Zerg player in SC2, but I also enjoy Protoss almost as much. I’ve never been a huge fan of playing Terran but after trying all three races in the HotS beta I’m planning to give the bog-standard humans another chance this expansion. I’m also hoping to get over my Wings of Liberty ladder-phobia and actually step into ranked play for Heart of the Swarm. I’m not expecting to end up much higher than Bronze or Silver, but I want to get in there and see what I can actually do (and hopefully earn some of those nice portraits at long last!).

On top of all that, there will be gnomes. Lots of gnomes. Gnomes are great. Stop laughing, they are!

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