Holy Kneecaps!

Holy Kneecaps is the healing section of the Caelcraft blog, dedicated to my adventures and misdemeanors as I learn to heal. It features a level 85 gnome priest trying to get to grips with the new instances unleased by the Shattering and a low level goblin shaman powering his way towards the endgame with more heirlooms than you can shake a mace at.

Check out this post for a brief introduction to HK. Some more substantial posts are already on their way, and when they’re done they can be found in the Holy Kneecaps category on the sidebar.


One Response to “Holy Kneecaps!”

  1. […] belatedly, I have finally written up the first proper Holy Kneecaps post promised back in May. Sorry for the wait! In this installment we follow my trusty goblin […]

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