Holy Kneecaps: The Healing Lowdown

Holy kneecaps Batman, a healing gnome!”

I’ve played World of Warcraft for a very long time, but in all those years I can say with some confidence that more than 99.99% (repeating, of course) of my time in the game has been as a DPSer. Sure, I dabbled in tanking and healing for a handful of dungeon runs in Wrath, but I probably only spent a few hours on all of those put together which, when held up against the couple of hundred days /played time I’ve logged overall, doesn’t really count for much. Since then however, Cataclysm has reshaped not only Azeroth but the way we play in it. Thanks to the Shattering not only am I having loads of fun leveling a tank but I’m also loving healing on a brand new goblin shaman and a level 85 gnome priest.

And lo, was the idea for Holy Kneecaps born, and there was much rejoicing! For what better way is there to learn from my early healing experiences than to plaster them over the internet for everyone to see, laugh at and mock me for? I can surely think of none. My hope is not only to get feedback for myself, but simultaneously to help any other fledgling healers who may face similar issues, and to entertain veteran medics of Azeroth with my inexperienced flailings and panicked cries of “OH MY GOD! WHY ARE YOU DYING? PLEASE STOP DOING THAT! ARGH! WHY AM I HITTING YOU WITH A CUCUMBER? THAT’S NOT HELPING AT ALL!!”
So something for everyone, as you can see.

Where was I?

Ah yes, the healing. We start our adventures in Healerland with a couple of things:
1x level 30 goblin resto shaman, heavily heirloomed.
1x level 85 gnome holy priest, average ilvl of 339.
1x ilvl 1,000 [Mug of Tea], to be equipped in Main Hand whenever out of combat and refilled immediately if it reaches zero charges.

At first the Holy Kneecaps posts will follow the leveling of my shaman as I gradually pick up the different spells and talents I’ll be using to keep people alive, and comparing that to the somewhat different experience of picking up the level 85 priest and trying to learn it all at once. Maybe one day I’ll even know what I’m talking about when it comes to healing, and this section of Caelcraft will start to resemble those proper healing posts written by real healer bloggers. A gnome can dream, right?

For now though, welcome to Holy Kneecaps

Readers enter Holy Kneecaps at their own risk. Caelcraft takes no responsibility for any injuries, disfigurements or deaths inflicted as a result of the healing process.

PS. How many of you instinctively hovered over that legendary mug of tea to see the tooltip? Be honest now!


~ by caelcraft on May 10, 2011.

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